"I just got my Medallions.  WOW!  They look better than I imagined!"   Mike Suggs, Ringgold, Georgia

Your Medallions can be totally customized to your needs.  Your signature can be done in any font and any logo can be used.  Add your phone number or email address to generate additional sales!  Finishes available include shiny gold, antique gold, copper, silver and more.

Signature Medallions are the perfect way to professionally "sign" your work.  They are inexpensive, easier to mount and look great on any surface.  These are metal discs approximately the thickness of a quarter.  Standard sizes are 1" and 1.25" in diameter. 

for  Woodworkers & Crafters

A minimum order of 100 Medallions, 1" in diameter is just $199 or $1.99 each.  Unit prices drops as the quantity ordered increases.  Order 200 and each Medallion is just $1.48.  Prices include Priority Mail shipping.  No Sales Tax on orders  outside of California.  The typical order takes three weeks.  We accept all forms of payment.

Quit struggling with branding irons that don't heat evenly and rotary engravers that can spin out of control.  Add a classy "signature" to your items!

Call 619-303-2876 or email pinz711@aol.com to order.  We are here 7 days a week!

Installation is a snap.  Just touch your wood item with a Forstner bit to create a shallow hole.  Add a dab of epoxy or Super Glue and lay the Medallion in place, flush with the surface of the wood.

Signature Medallions

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